Valerie was critical to helping  renovate and design my home. We worked closely for a period of 2 years, from conception to completion of our project.


Valerie has excellent management skills and was able to co-ordinate the architect, numerous contractors and various workrooms and vendors. She is very organized and detail oriented, and personally made sure that each piece of the project was completed according to specifications.


Valerie also demonstrated superior problem solving skills. When available finishes or furniture were not the right fit or scale she was very resourceful in finding the right people to adjust them. When we couldn’t find the perfect coffee table for our playroom, Valerie designed a unique, whimsical and convertible piece of furniture, which could be used as an ottoman, a drawing surface, seating for 4 and storage.

She was also very conscious of the project budget, and used more than once her strong negotiation skills to negotiate costs, e.g. an amazing Venetian Plaster we liked for our Gallery.


Valerie’s professionalism, creativity and attention to detail are all reasons why I would strongly recommend Valerie to all my friends.


Ms. D., New York

Valerie came on my job late in the process and had to jump in and troubleshoot quickly and effectively. Valerie is a take charge person and was able to get up to speed quickly and overcome difficulties - her strength in problem solving became very evident.


Valerie does not take "no" for an answer and can hold her own when dealing with the various contractors. She communicates effectively and has a friendly way about her. Her attention to detail was excellent and she made me feel comfortable that she was in control of the project. Valerie was a pleasure to deal with and I have no doubt that she will be successful in any project she is trusted with.


Ms. F, PA


It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for Valerie Lavine. When we started working with her, we knew right away that she would be a partner who would understand and translate our vision into reality. This was accomplished with outstanding results. Valerie was quickly able to gain our confidence, not only bringing her artistic capabilities to the table, but also her ability to communicate efficiently with the various contractors on most technical aspects of the process. Valerie has an engaging personality, and her attention to detail and flawless follow-up are a priceless asset. We enthusiastically recommend her services to other clients without reservation.

Ms. F, New York

It’s my pleasure to refer Valerie Lavine to anyone who is looking for a creative, flexible, and skilled designer to collaborate with. I worked with Valerie for approximately 6 months on the ground floor of my house. 


Valerie was brought on originally to design our formal living room from scratch but as we began to see her talent, we extended her project to include our Foyer, Dining room, Family room and Kitchen. 


The project was a real collaboration as Valerie is a pleasure to work with and included me in all decision making, as well as finding great compromises when my husband and I disagreed on a design detail.  She has an amazing eye for detail and a superior taste level. 


Valerie is also very flexible and understanding of budgetary restrictions and worked endlessly to find us the perfect piece within our price range that still gave us the same look as a piece 10 times more expensive. She demonstrated professionalism and strong negotiation skills when working with vendors.  She was even able to negotiate the return of a large purchase that was made prior to her coming onto the project.  It allowed up to free up our budget to get the perfect piece to finish off the room the way we wanted.


She also works with a strong team of contractors that hold to her level of professionalism and attention to detail.


For these reasons, I would strongly recommend Valerie to all my friends.


Ms. G., Armonk, New York


If anyone could help you enjoy the process of home renovation, it would be Valerie Lavine. She is lively, down to earth and has an impeccable taste which made working with her very pleasant.

She relentlessly addressed all our questions, advised aesthetical and practical solutions keeping in mind that we have 3 young children and really came out with innovative layouts which optimized our space.  I feel that if you are going to part with hard-earned money you might as well have fun doing it.

I have recommended to many friends who have also been happy with the results.

Ms. F., Scarsdale, NY    

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